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Carlsbad, CA, USA

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Mission: "Medicinally Save Lives One Breath at a Time" Michael R. Larson, Inventor of Top Air Vaporizing via Vicious properties. For instance, the Bud Smart Cart. Medical Device Innovator, Founder 206.350.7109 Virtual Office **********COMING SOON! UNITED STATES CANNABIS ON-LINE STORE! A Various Boat Load of Product(s) available via our smart-app, or WEB and DELIVERED SAME DAY! GUARANTEED! USA's Most Visionary On-line Devoted Cannabis One-Stop-Shop for everything Cannabis related! This INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO: Goods, Services, Networking, etc... Always, were legally possible we will make it our passion to deliver on our vision and promise! Will be the exclusive ENTIRE Dispensary Presence (including seed, excluding flower) with guaranteed, same day delivery, utilizing our Proprietary Software Integrated into: THE INTERNET of THINGS (IOT)!!! Bookmark will lead soon to:>>>