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Mission: "Medicinally Save Lives One Breath at a Time" Michael R. Larson Medical Device Innovator, Founder 206.350.7109 Virtual Office A Few Mile~Stones ~~~~ MOST RECOGNIZED VAPORIZATION INVENTORS, Perhaps? In order by innovator's date of major industry change from their visionary Intellectual property : 1) Gilbert (original -ECIG" 1960 inventor foundation) 2) 2003 Filed ---- HON LIK / (Han? some call'em:) 3) 2005 JULL's James MONSEES-------First more modernization of a Decade of change to big branding where BIG Tobacco sees change is a (reminds me of a Polaroid camera Wipe-out, HUGE, So...Yep, not only are they all buying up grow land for cannabis L / Hemp, etc.. (CBD/THC forward looking) Imperial actually offers HON LIK 75M for his Intellectual property rights exclusively by assignment to a company they both have stakes in...MR. HON LIK BTW stake is peanuts . Karma sucks I guess for some of the Chinese? Where now basically back to USA innovators, were the vaporizer was first really invented, MR. GILBERT. Thank you, I am about to take your foundational idea and replace the drug delivery for ALL substances, not limited to nicotine! Bigger Market my friend and FDA approval! Wish you could have stayed alive a few more years for me to personally show it to ya!;) IT'S WHEN AN IDEA becomes EPIC! "Saving lives one breath at a time":)!!! 4) 7-6-2015 Filed Michael Larson "me" invented ....well just read about it in the V~ape 420™ organization's about intellectual property portfolio stuff, cheers!:) COMING SOON! USA's Most Visionary On-line Devoted Cannabis One-Stop-Shop... An ENTIRE Dispensary Presence (including seed, excluding flower) with guaranteed, same day delivery, utilizing our Proprietary Software Integrated into: THE INTERNET of THINGS (IOT)!!!