Jacob Patterson

Budbo, Inc.

Team Member of


Budbo, INC


Austin, TX, USA


As Budbo’s Chief Technology Officer, Jacob relies on his vast experience as a developer to ensure Budbo remains the leader in cannabis technology innovation. On the mobile side of coding Jacob’s resumé boast an impressive Lead Developer for NetSpend during their roll out of a pre-paid card mobile application with Fortune 500 powerhouse U.S. Bancorp. Jacob also held the title lead web developer for ILF, one of the worlds largest toy manufactures with yearly online sales consistently surpassing 65 million USD. As a consultant developer, Jacob also worked for Fortune 50 media giant Comcast, developing back-end modules used to parse and route customer service request. As a founding member and executive at Budbo, Jacob’s experience is invaluable in maintaining Budbo’s dominance in mobile and web innovation.