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ALL Atomizers are ONLY MADE IN THE USA, PERIOD! With this new scare? Seriously guys? It is like here's what's next ... one company selling bottled water and another selling FDA approved flavors, which perhaps were in these occurrences? Com'on DIY will happen as when I as a teenager once where there is a will there is a way! Aluminum Oxide/PG? Perhaps take a look at that cocktail guys in ceramic's base as you'll read below. Our hearts go out, but truthfully the branding of certain units slimness, easy to hide makes it even more exciting for kids to "get away with" like a high in itself.. Anyway, our sympathies and condolences I just find it strange the hundreds of other hospital related leaking issues on batteries and other issues aren't looked at until deaths occur. Our CURRENT (8-20-2019 Granted) USPTO# 10,383,368 is a foundation utility patent umbrella covering most portable vaporization chambers requiring: ambient air, an electric heating element, and a viscous substance which are the 3 elements of need for creating a liquid/solid to gas phase or vapor. The novelty of the viscous substances disposition from the heating element along with air inhalation to enter the vapor chamber, thus creating vapor in layman terms is what's the claimed grant entailment's. The semi-permeable barrier being the substances inlet(s) disposition of viscosity change. By achieving a true by-product free delivery of vapor and utilizing ONLY FDA acceptable materials results in vapor of the most purest form. We don't use Ceramics since they can cause Aluminum Oxide by products and or fragments from which they are made from. Nor do we use Quartz (glass particles) for the same reason. We also don't believe in Ccell technology because of the use of Sodium Silicate, basically concentrated material such as what string is made from then cotton is simply wrapped around this to act as its capillary carrier. Used multiple times, it's a basic wick effect that would be like inhalation of burnt cotton and or string. True, we have claims of which below products contain Organics yet our newest G2 device soon being released utilizes actual matter found already within living matter then coats our medical grade heating element. We are blessed to have this extremely important Intellectual Property Portfolio foundation strategically being protected and pending a continuation filing advancement for an international level with advancements approaching medically. Until then, we are happy to have WeCannect as a platform for discovery and networking. Cheers! Michael Raymond Larson, Founder / Inventor of various Top Air Vaporizing devices "Medicinally Saving Lives One Breath at a Time" Whats up and coming for Cannabis Of USA's Organization? We cannot express our fears enough from the dangerous materials used in vaporizers made overseas and not having a Medical Clean Room. Our G2 is Multi-Chambered, Metered by our viscosity methodology from our foundational patent before entering the vapor chamber(s), Also, it connects to IOT (Internet Of Things) so a Smart app is also offered. However in a medical setting for instance as one is trying to get off the addiction of opiates, their MD will have world-wide access to it and not the user regardless of the apps biometric fingerprint access. Additional chambers maybe added. For instance if one wants to program chamber 1 upon activation for a metered setting of CBD and then it would change to another chamber to allow nicotine e-liquid or a multi level of both to lower their addiction perhaps to nicotine. Vapor Infusions is our Medical Classed use Trademark for over 5 years. A USB-C port is also within and acts as an OTG (On-The-Go) system to utilize the Never Dead Vaporizing Pods / Chambers batteries as a backup power pack to keep your smart devices charged and vise versa. We are looking forward for when Viagra can be in a chamber and or other FDA approved life changing needed medications. All the above is patented and or in a continuation in part pending and international. All Trademarks belong to their respective owners. This includes but is not limited to: Federally registered Never Dead Brand usage Vape420 Medically Classed ~Vapor Infusions. Were on a Mission: "Medicinally Saving Lives One Breath at a Time", Period!