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Recently ( 4-3-2019) we received allowance for all claims on a vaporization utility patent GRANT. This current patent is an umbrella covering virtually most portable vaporization chambers requiring: ambient air, an electric heating element, and a viscous substance. The 3 elements creating a liquid/solid to gas phase or vapor required. The novelty of the viscous substances disposition from the heating element along with air inhalation to enter the vapor chamber, thus creating vapor is allowed for Grant. The semi-permeable barrier being the substances inlet(s) disposition of viscosity change. By achieving a true by-product free delivery of vapor and utilizing ONLY FDA acceptable materials results in vapor of the most purest form. We are blessed to have this extremely important Intellectual Property Portfolio foundation strategically being protected on a international level with advancements approaching medically. Until then, we are happy to have WeCannect as a platform for discovery and networking. Cheers! Michael Raymond Larson, Founder / Inventor of various Top Air Vaporizing devices, for instance ~BUD SMART CART OR Michael's personal favorite as shown below the XT-AIO :)! "Medicinally Saving Lives One Breath at a Time"