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About Us

Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning lifestyle brand that brings sophistication and design to coffee, clothing and cannabis. Tokyo Smoke is based on a passion for modern design and strong desire to elevate the cannabis landscape. Located in Toronto, Tokyo Smoke combines immersive experiential retail with the international distribution of branded coffee, clothing and licensed legal Cannabis.


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Company Details


Tokyo Smoke is a leading Canadian lifestyle brand, the first to elevate a new, burgeoning industry. Driven by design, Tokyo Smoke is ushering in a new era with high end coffee, an elevated retail experience and its signature collection of smoking accessories.

Brand Story

Tokyo Smoke is for the sophisticated smoker, those who embrace beautiful design along with alternative states of mind. They believe a smoke session should be approached with the same thoughtful consideration as preparing a perfect cup of coffee. It’s for active days and chill nights—or chill days and active nights. It’s a culture that believes in the experience: a well-curated smoke session, one of intention or imagination, is always worth the trip.

About Us (Continued)

Tokyo Smoke is a modern lifestyle collective providing a home for the creative class in Cannabis. Cannabis, unlike other consumer verticals, has not yet evolved to meet the needs, both in terms of quality and design/aesthetic, of today’s consumer. Tokyo Smoke has a number of high end coffee bars and head shops, a line of men’s clothing and, with groundbreaking licensing deals signed, will be selling legal Cannabis in both the US and Canada within the next 6 months. Tokyo Smoke brings elegance, design, form and function to areas where it was previously lacking. Through delightful experiences, both in-person and online, Tokyo Smoke engages consumers in areas that touch the heart, those being coffee, clothing and cannabis.

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