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The New Agora, now entering our ninth year with more than 144,000 monthly dedicated, enthusiastic and long-time-loyal readers, will also be exhibiting at the upcoming ICBC in Vancouver where our next and latest print edition will be readily available to all comers. Over the past eight years we have grown to be much more than a regular media publication, one that helps its readers access important unbiased information not readily available in print, and that also affords the space for advertisers to get their message across both to other businesses and to the all-important customers in a direct and effective fashion. Picking up the slack of biased mainstream ‘news’ sources, The New agora goes beyond advertorial sales pitches by presenting businesses, goods and services as honestly and forthrightly as possible. By allowing the readers to choose for themselves, using the supportive subject specific information presented within its pages, businesses can develop a truly interested and loyal customer base, one built on intelligence, personal consideration and direct knowledge. The New Agora can help both wholesale and retail grow, all the while keeping you in touch with our steady and growing readership. While there are plenty of cannabis focused publications out there, we do more than preach to the choir, getting your message literally into the hands of a much wider audience, one that actually reads, one that isn’t virtual but physical. Despite the hype and hoopla of the ‘Internet of things’ there are an untold number of folks who aren’t accessing information through the utility of computers, smart phones, surfing the web and so on. Whether it’s a question of information overload, the inhuman quality of virtual communication, or the ‘hard sell’ marketing of anything-goes-to-get-that-dollar-bottom-line so prevalent these days, The New Agora offers a refreshing and direct pathway to doing good solid business with good solid people. Join us today as we are offering exhibitors a 25% discount on any new advert or advertising campaigns begun with us during the next 30 days. Please see the attached files for our updated media kit and accompanying New Agora print and program guide advert soon to be publicized regularly in our publication and at ICBC, The Grow Up Conference, O'Cannabiz and many more. We are ready now to help you grow with us. Feel free to reach out today. We are delighted to see what’s possible together. We are here to help bring about a new and intelligent way for our communities to grow and prosper together without having to ‘sell out’ to make a living, without having to compromise any integrity.


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If the paper is something you feel like becoming a part of, well, your biz will do super well with us. If you take the time to count, besides our 70-80,000 readers each month and hundreds of volunteers of one sort or another…we have about 40-50 solid monthly advertisers. Not a huge number really, but enough to have gotten us to where we are more than 5 years on. And you know, most have been with us, or are intending to be with us for a good long time. Some have surprised me, staying so long, in that they’ve done better with us that I would have imagined at the beginning…others have left a lot quicker than I expected, with the opposite being true…they seem to have felt we weren’t a good fit. But I’ll tell you this for nothing, if you have a good feeling being with us, and we have the same for you, well you can’t help but to succeed in being a part of The New Agora.

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An open, public space for assemblies, gatherings and markets, to encourage the evolution of consciousness