About Us

We are a manufacturer of high quality chipboard products, primarily folding boxes. With our unique versatility we can cost effectively produce a few or millions of items for you. Our proven quality system contributes to our efficiency and gives our customers a product they can depend upon. Using state of the art equipment, we will design, print, die cut, glue, fold, and deliver your product on time at a competitive price. From Design to Delivery We Can: Design your item using up to date computer technology. Develop a prototype for your product. Utilize computerized graphics for accuracy and efficiency. Print multiple colors with lithographic equipment. Use precise cutting dies designed with the latest CAD technology. Die cut a wide variety of substrates. Fold and glue many different styles of boxes and chipboard designs. Apply cellophane windows. Delivery to you on time with our fleet of trucks. Assure good quality using a proven quality management system.


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To be the best paperboard products provider in the market

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