About Us

River Collective was founded to serve the medical cannabis community in California. Members of our team come from within the cannabis industry – as master growers, artisans, brokers, vendors, activists, and patients – as well as professionals from the wine and spirits industry who lend their expertise in brand building and operational logistics. We believe in paying fair prices to farmers and we are able to do so by making distribution affordable through economies of scale. We founded River Collective knowing that we could build a great business serving producers, retailers, and patients, but only if the laws were there to protect us. New laws coming into effect will allow us to move forward collectively as an industry as the Federal Government begins to recognize California as having “robust regulatory controls on paper and in practice, with strong and effective regulatory and enforcement systems.” We view our role in the regulated system as a partner in compliance and a champion for progress. Supporting Local Communities - Sourcing quality cannabis throughout California. A New Approach To Wholesale - Streamlining the procurement and fulfilment process. Building Sustainable Brands - Enriching the patient experience through education and partnership.


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Company Details

Infusion Brands

Defonce Chocolatier, Utopia, Soul Sugar, Stokes Confections, Chong's Choice, Plus, Sarkara, Xternal.

Extraction Brands

Kurvana, Gold Drop, Elicit Labs, Quality Concentrates, Utopia.

Cultivation Brands

Farmers Reserve, Emerald Family Farms, Floracal Farms, Utopia, THC Design, Honeydew Farms.

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Our Approach

We believe partnership is working with people you like, people you trust, and people who deliver measurable value.


Creating value through reliable service, supply-chain integrity, and a quality guarantee.

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