About Us

We believe it is crucial that customers have access to accurate product information so they can choose well. Our goal is to support and enhance dispensary communication with customers. The post-legalization cannabis consumer has a selection of products limited only by the inventory of their local dispensary. The more information that consumers can get about those product choices, the better the decisions they can make when it comes to using cannabis for improved quality of life. Our technology allows patients and consumers to browse cannabis products in a non-threatening and easy to use manner. Our products and services provide dispensaries a user-friendly conversational interface designed to help anyone shop in a safe and private environment, driving growth while helping cannabis consumers make smart choices. We also assist dispensaries with building ecommerce websites to add new sales channels to their retail locations. These websites can provide both pre-orders and delivery options. We can provide custom design as well as complete DIY websites with a professionally designed template installed. Check MJDWebDesign.com for more info.

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