About Us

CANNABIS DISPENSARIES & DELIVERY SERVICES DEBIT/CREDIT CARD PROCESSING - JUST SWIPE & GO! Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover So it's finally here. A way for customers to buy Cannabis just like they were shopping at the grocery store. Customers select their items, then just swipe their credit card and go! That's It. No awkward gift cards, confusing apps or explanations needed. 100% legal, safe and secure. Basic Rate 5.9% + $0.35 per transaction + $2.00 load fee charged to the customer Reduce Costs Store owners may increase the load fee. Anything over the $2.00 is 100% rebated back to the store owner... thus reducing the cost of the service. Descriptor Your store name will appear on the receipt & on the customer’s credit card statement Batch Fee - $0.25 per day No Setup Fee No Monthly Fee No Cancellation Fee & No Contract (strictly month-to-month) No Risk! - 100% Legally Compliant (AML/FinCEN)