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What separates Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula from the rest? Its Complete Formula of all 16 elements that plants need to produce high quality Clean cannabis in 2 bottles. No Additives needed. This helps Growers save money all while producing the cleanest and most potent finished product possible. Grow like a pro - No PH buffers added this allows maximum nutrient uptake! PH Buffers Clog root pores.

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The Formula

This product is formulated with nutrient carriers that contain no unnecessary ingredients to interfere with plant growth, which can pollute nutrient solutions and eventually cause unnecessary vegetative growth. This formula contains no CHLORIDE or SODIUM and is formulated with calcium nitrates that encourage a larger and stronger plant cell structure. This formula is an all purpose Grow and Bloom. Cogo’s revolutionized the fertilizer industry with their fine ground calcium and magnesium formulations. This fine ground process keeps Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula in Ionic form even in cold water. Our npk is 7-0-5 part A 1-6-6 part B not water. Look at what you are using now and compare. Our fertilizers are clean in ionic form with a stable pH. Our formula is concentrated to give you more than in the industry standard. 1 Gallon of both parts can make up to 750 gallons of plant feed!

Formulated for Cannabis

Cogo’s Original was formulated specific to work with Cannabis and improve growth quality, potency and yield. Higher Potency tests and yields Guaranteed!