About Us

Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food production, and Packaging Equipment. It takes years to learn the ropes in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It takes generations to truly understand them. As a member of a family in the third generation of manufacturing equipment professionals, Chris Hillseth brings invaluable expertise and insights to every project. Chris's grandfather founded O'Brien Machinery in the 1930s, and was a leading source of manufacturing, mining and chemical equipment. Chris literally grew up in the industry, developing the expertise and knowledge that are his most valuable asset. As president of Chris Hillseth Enterprises, Chris combines this heritage with nearly 30 years of his own business experience specializing in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing equipment. His expertise goes well beyond technical fluency. Chris has the vision to recognize opportunities, and the skills and resources to realize them for his clients. A recognized industry leader, Chris Hillseth was a founding director of Western Vitamin Roundtable and has served as vice president and member of the board of the Drug, Chemical and Allied Trade Association (DCAT). He remains active in those associations as well as the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) and American Society of Appriasers (ASA). How We Work Quick and proper disposition of old equipment and facilities – and timely and cost-efficient acquisition of new resources – can contribute significantly to your bottom line. Critical as asset management may be, however, we recognize that it is just one important element of your success. With that in mind, Chris Hillseth Enterprises offers a turnkey solution that combines best-in-class service and expertise with unsurpassed ease and convenience for you.

Company Details

Buying Needs Analysis

Buyers – Using our extensive experience and industry contacts, we will analyze and understand your needs and locate available properties to meet them.

Selling Needs Analysis

Sellers – We will analyze your assets and recommend options for disposition based on your objectives and current market conditions.


We will proactively seek out equipment and facilities that meet your needs, identify the best opportunities, and negotiate the best terms available.

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Traditional Sales

Your idle or surplus equipment is the perfect fit for the right buyer. We will help you get top dollar for your assets through private sales, liquidations, negotiated transactions, and sealed bid sales. Equipment can be sold individually or as complete inventory.

Online Auctions

Fast and easy for all parties, our convenient online auctions match buyers and sellers worldwide. Buyers can inspect the assets online through digital photographs or our 360-degree virtual tour and place bids 24x7.


liquidations and auctions of equipment used in the manufacturing, packaging,warehousing and/or laboratories of the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical industries.