About Us

Callbox Singapore is an industry award-winning full-service sales and marketing firm. With more than a decade of sales and marketing experience under its belt, Callbox has been consistently recognized as a leader in providing global market access via direct marketing, web marketing, sales support, database services, and advanced salesforce management. Our 14 years of experience in different industries gives us an advantage in creating a solid lead generation and appointment setting campaigns for our clients. Using our own Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool and SMART Calling, we can reach out to your target prospects at the right time – when they are most likely to answer the phone and respond to your email online. Be it Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Data Profiling, Event Marketing, our team of experts focus on quality because we understand what you need: high quality, sales-ready leads and appointments.

Company Details

Database Solutions Singapore

Improving your sales performance involves keeping your database updated. This means correcting errors and eliminating inconsistencies, duplications and wrong contact information. We use a variety of lead management tools and strategies to constantly feed your lead generation with validated email addresses, phone numbers and other pertinent contact details.

Event Marketing Solutions

Callbox helps you attract more attendees and generate more leads for your live events. We create and manage targeted campaigns that increase registrations and conversions.

Telemarketing Services

With over 1,100 clients served and nearly 17,000 sales appointments delivered, Callbox has been helping Singapore companies reach their revenue goals through our full suite of B2B marketing solutions.

B2B Lead Generation

Callbox provides business opportunities to our clients all over Singapore. Our multi touch-multi channel approach – voice, email, social, web, mobile and chat allows you to be where your customers are and lets you provide choices for your customers when it comes to how they want to receive information.

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