About Us

Apocalypse Creek Farm was created in 2013, it was good timing, after we checked out our Mayan calendar and the world didn't end. We left city life, and 30 years of the entertainment industry, behind, (let me not forget to mention my wife's years in the pharmaceutical world), to run around the woods and pretend we knew what we were doing by being self sufficient. Years of hell and many snake bites later, we emerged with a new baptism of life. We were farmers now. So now, almost seven years later, we find that we are a totally off-grid, organic cannabis farm. Not sure how that really happened exactly. But the story continues. We have fallen in love with our plants, become obsessed to put it lightly. And it shows. We love our farm and what we do. Our plants speak for themselves. We don't really know how we ended up raising cannabis, it just kind of happened... written in the stars, if you will. All I know, is we absolutely love what we do. There is no doubt, I finally know what I want to do when I grow up... We are expanding our farm at a pretty rapid pace these days, and although still fairly new to the cannabis world, the farm seemed to be on track before we knew we were on track, if that makes sense. When I saw the vision, it was quick. My first goal was to eventually expand to encompass my entire family and their futures and that was all that mattered to me. Today, that has become a reality and it makes me proud, very proud. I will be honest, I am not into the business side of things, I found something that I absolutely love to do and it provides a way for my family, so even though I may own the company, I only work here. If you want to talk about plants, I'm all ears. If you want to talk about sales or stocks or whatever else business people talk about, you might want to chat with the girls. I'm not sure what else I need to type out here. I'm not interested in trying to beef up my sells pitch and make you think I'm the best grower with the best product, but I would love to meet other people with the same passion that I have for these plants. That would be real neat. Oh, and I like long walks in the woods... And sometimes I forget to put on pants. One more thing... Did I mention, we are All Outdoor Grow, all the way?.. There is quite a difference between a 2 foot tall plant and a 14 foot tall plant. Ya gotta love what ya do!