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We're Cannabis-friendly, but we aren’t newbies to the world of Payroll, Tax & HR Services. Our Founder started in the Payroll Services industry in 1988. We have 5 CPP’s on staff in an industry where having one is a rarity. We have dedicated Tax & IT Support Staff on the premises. But even more important than our credentials is our customer-centric attitude. We take a long-term approach in developing a personalized relationship with our clients. We’re privately held and minority-owned. We don’t answer to anyone except our customers. We charge $2 per employee with a $39 base fee per payroll. That includes the payroll software, federal & state tax filing, direct deposit, employee self service, new hire reports, and more. We also have timekeeping, electronic onboarding, applicant tracking, labor posters, background checks, and much more. We understand the issues facing Cannabis employers. Please contact us for more information.

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420payroll.com is Easy to Use and Customize with all the features that are important to you.

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420payroll.com offers Cannabis Friendly Payroll Solutions at Affordable Prices.